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Registration Requirements
Yoga Alliance considers every application for registration carefully and assesses it against the requirements for registration set by the Yoga Alliance's Board of Directors.

There are different categories/designations of registration as a RYT.

To apply for registration applicants must satisfy one or more of the criteria outlined below:
1. Training hours must come from the same school as multiple trainings cannot be combined to meet the 200 hour requirement.
2. All applicants must hold a 200 hour, 350 hour or 500 hour qualification in yoga teaching from a RYS (Registered Yoga School) and a member of Yoga Alliance South Africa, Yoga Alliance Australia or a similar recognised organisation.
3. Applicant is currently registered with Yoga Alliance U.S.A or a similar recognised organisation.
4. Applicant is not registered with a yoga organisation but has completed a training programme with a school that meets our Standards.

Important Notices
1. We do not register teachers that have completed only distance learning yoga teaching qualifications.
2. The Yoga Alliance Organisations are legally separate entities governed by the law of the country where they were established and therefore Membership within the Yoga Alliances cannot be transferred.

Continuing Education Requirements
1. To maintain registration as a RYT 200/300 or 500, applicants must complete a certain number of continuing education contact and non-contact hours every calendar year throughout the three years registration period.
2 . E-RYT are not required to submit continuing education, workshops/seminars/retreats etc.

Registration Procedure
The information available on the web-site will assist with completing the registration process.

Review The Following
- Yoga Teacher Standards
- Teacher Categories/Designations
- Application Forms
- Teacher Application Fees

Last Updated: May 2015
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