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Registration Guidelines (RYS)
The purpose of registration of a Yoga Training Programme is to fulfil the primary purpose of protection of the public, yoga students and aspiring yoga teachers in an unregulated industry.

The Guidelines below applies to all applications for RYS. Yoga Alliance’s teacher training programs assessment adheres to stringent guidelines to ensure Standards of excellence in yoga education are met. The objectives of an accredited programme are to offer aspiring yoga teachers a structured curriculum to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga.

1. Registered schools must meet the high international Standards set forth by Yoga Alliance South Africa.

2.The Director of Training must be teaching a minimum of 70% of the course and must be 500 hour (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) registered with Yoga Alliance South Africa. If not registered, should apply for registration or convert from a recognised yoga organisation prior to filing for School registration.

3. Programs must provide a minimum of 200 hour (contact and non-contact hours). Contact hours mean that the Teacher-Trainer is physically in the presence of the student. Non-contact study hours may include: assigned reading or other homework, non-supervised study groups, observing yoga classes, etc.

5. Programs may be delivered in a variety of formats (intensive, week-ends, year/s).

6. Programs that do not provide at least 180 contact hour will not be eligible for registration. No distance learning practicum components and/or demo classes are recognised for accreditation.

7. As part of the accreditation, Yoga Alliance’s RYSs are required to offer two Continuing Education Programs for all their graduates and yoga professionals. This means that RYT's will fully meet Yoga Alliance South Afirca’s Continuing Education Standards.

Registration Requirements (RYS)
These requirements are set forth by Yoga Alliance South Africa for a Registered Yoga School that offers a 200 hour, 300 hour or 500 hour programs. See School Faculty & Requirements

Topics for registered teacher trainings must be relevant to Yoga Alliance South Africa's curriculum of Standards for Teacher Training Programs.

Registered schools must provide a minimum number of hours of study for each category, and must also provide additional hours of study relevant to these categories.

Required Documentation
Only the school owner/s or a legal representative with decisional authority over the business can apply for RYS status.

1. A copy of the business/school certificate of registration with the appropriate authority.

2. School owner/s Statutory Declaration and or Certificate of Trademark ownership. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organisation, or any legal entity.

4. All Training Programs material submitted to Yoga Alliance South Africa for the purpose of accreditation must contain a copyright notice (the symbol © the word "Copyright", the name of the owner of the copyright, the year when the work was first created.

5. Director/s of Training: supply a copy of Yoga Alliance South Africa’s Teacher Registration on the designated level.

6. Programme/Course Title.

7. Style of Yoga taught.

8. Course Format and Duration (intensive-long/short term-weekend training).

9. Daily training breakdown hours (including breaks).

10. Maximum number students’ intake per Training.

11. A detailed course outline specifying the topics covered and an explanation of how these topics /hours match up to the Yoga Alliance’s Standards .

12. Teacher Training Manual (2 Pages Synopsis). This must include: course outline, number of contact/non-contact hours, format and course topics. The completed Faculty/Student Training Manual must be sent upon successful school registration/accreditation acceptance.

13. Course Assessor/Faculty CVs including Yoga Organisation Registration.

14. A breakdown of the hours (contact/non-contact) allocated to each topic.

15. Prerequisites for the RYT-200 hour Programs: Students eligible to enrol must have a minimum of 1 year continuous yoga practice (this must be clearly publicised on the school website).

16. Prerequisites RYT-300/500 hour Programs: Students eligible to enrol must have a minimum of 2 years continuous yoga practice (this must be clearly publicised on the school website).

17. Training Course Assessment Method and Tools (how students are assessed).

18. Continuing Education Programs (2 modules, yoga topics of choice). The curriculum of study must incorporate Yoga Alliance South Africa’s five curriculum areas and comprise of 85 hours in total (50 contact and 35 non-contact-hour) non-contact hours can be delivered as online study. Continuing Education can include Prenatal Yoga or Children’s Yoga (80 hours contact and 5 non-contact hour) and can be applied for by registered or non-registered members as a stand-alone programme.

19. Continuing Education Manuals (Title and 2 Pages Synopsis of each subject). This must include: course outline, number of contact/non-contact hours, format and course topics. The completed Faculty/Student Training Manuals must be sent upon successful school registration/accreditation acceptance.

20. The school must have in place a Learning Policy stating what support they offer for applicants wishing to enrol on their teacher training that are affected by mild disorders such as Dyslexia (the most recognised of reading disorders), Visual Processing Disorder, Dysgraphia etc. that does not affect the body functions but can slightly impair the way information are processed.

21. Details of the qualifications, experience and yoga organisation registration number (if applicable) of all teaching faculty.

22. Support for Students that fail the course (what alternative the school offer to students that fail the course and live far away or cannot come back to complete the exams).

23. Yoga Alliance’s Student’s Feedback Form. The school must provide this document on the website for their trainees. The schools’ own trainees will be Yoga Alliance South Africa’s “investigators” providing feedback about their training experience in the form of ratings and comments.

24. Code of Practice.

25. Code of Ethics.

26. Grievance Policy and Procedure.

27. Race Equal Opportunity Statement.

28.School Professional and Public Liability Insurance.

29. Programme Curriculum of study must include summary outline and hours for each of the five Yoga South Africa’s curriculum areas listed below:
a) Practice-Training Techniques.
b) Teaching Methodology.
c) Anatomy-Physiology.
d) Practicum.
e) Yoga Philosophy - Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers.

Important Notices:
* Yoga Alliance reserves the right to alter, modify, update, add to, subtract from or otherwise change the RYS Guidelines and Requirements at any time for any reason or no reason at all. We will post any changes here, and any changes will become effective immediately upon being posted unless we tell you otherwise.
* All documents submitted for the purpose of RYS registration are considered legally binding and enforceable.
* Yoga Alliance reserves the right to decline an application for any reason or no reason at all.
Why Registered Schools are required to provide Continuing Education?
* Ensure that all Yoga Alliance's Registered Schools offer their graduates (in particular newly qualified 200-RYTs and 350-RYTs) the opportunity to refine and deepen their teaching and practical skills and educational process.
* Keep the industry, safe, authentic and raise the Standards.
* Ensure that graduates and yoga professionals fully meet Yoga Alliance South Africa's Continuing Education high Standards.
* Continuing Education programs endorsed by Yoga Alliance South Africa are internationally recognised, students will receive extra qualifications they can use anywhere in the world.

RYS Convert Registration

Yoga teaching programs accredited by other Yoga Organisations are likely to be in compliance with our Standards and accreditation procedures. To convert registration is easy and faster than standard applications. RYS applicants are required to submit the documents listed below only:

1. Copy Certificate of registration with the nominated organisation.
2. Documents listed in the above section: No: 1 to 10; 13;18 to 27.

Apply for Registration
Prior to lodging the application review the Standards that applies to your programme.

Application Processing Timeframe
* Applications must be received complete of the required accompanying documents or will be rejected.
* Applications that convert registration are prioritised (four weeks). Speedy application processing available (additional fee applies).
* Standard applications are processed within ten weeks from the date received.
* If we ask for additional documents, the processing timeframe will start only after you provide us with all outstanding documents.

Review The Following

- Yoga School Standards
- Teacher Categories/Designantions
- School Categories/Designantions
- School Application Forms
- School Application Fees
- School Faculty & Requirements

Last Updated: May 2015
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