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We think of Yoga Alliancerelationship with fellow Yoga Organisations as 'co-operation' rather than 'competition'. By working together we can build the industry as a whole in harmony and unity.

If you have completed a Teacher Training Course with a school registered with and/or you are currently a member of Yoga Alliance Australia, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Canada or a similar recognised organisation, you can join Yoga Alliance South Africa immediately.

The Yoga Alliance Organisations are legally separate entities governed by the law of the country where they were established and therefore Membership/Registration within the Alliances cannot be transferred but your qualification will be automatically recognised by Yoga Alliance South Africa. You must however apply to Yoga Alliance South Africa to continue membership/registration status.

Registered Yoga Teacher Eligibility
To convert registration applicants must provide the documents listed below:

1. Copy certificate in yoga teaching.
2. Copy certificate of registration with Yoga Alliance U.S.A,Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Canada or a similar recognised organisation.
3. Current Senior First Aid Certificate. (if applicable)
Note: The Designation levels within the Yoga Alliances are the same. Applicants registered with organisations other than the Yoga Alliances, are assessed according to the level of registration with the nominated organisation.

Registered Yoga School Eligibility

Applicants must meet all of the criteria below:

1. School/Studio owners only can apply.
2. Must be a current or former member registered with Yoga Alliance U.S.A, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Canada or a similar recognised organisation. Copy of the certificate is required.
3. The Director/Faculty of the Training Course/s must be a E-RYT 500 or Senior Teacher.
4. Must offer additional mandatory services: (Two Continuing Education Programs Accredited by Yoga Alliance SOuth Africa).
5. Must supply additional documentation. For further information, please visit the School Registration Guidelines page on the web-site.

Please Review the Following:

Yoga Alliance Teacher Standards

Yoga Alliance School Standards

Teacher Designations

School Designations

Teacher Registration

School Registrations

Last Updated: May 2015
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